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Bring them to life

Have you ever plugged away at your presentation and thought that you lost your audience from the moment your said "Good Evening...". You probably should have started with an energiser or icebreaker

Energisers and icebreakers don't have to motivate or excite the audience into walking on fire or leaping small buildings but they should bring your audience to life and most importantly ensure they retain at least the main points of your presentation or message.


One of our favourite energiser or icebreakers is to throw a couple of balls into the room and see how long it takes for the ball to randomly work its way around the room. Seems too simple an exercise you say? Give it a go.

Don't have time for an energiser or icebreaker? Is that so? You probably will when the audience is a sleep because you didn't allow for an energiser or icebreaker.

If you don't like that suggestion you can find plenty of energiser or icebreaker activities on the internet. Just be prepared to bring one out when you are losing the audience.

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