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Team building games and events will help us remember. Studies show what we remember well when enjoying ourselves. The Power of Mindful learning, by Ellen J Langer encourages introducing learning materials through play in particular team building events. People find novelty in play and have no difficulty paying attention in those situations, because when something is novel we take more notice. Whilst playing games, team building and participating in corporate events, you focus more on all aspects of the situation to figure out how to win or create efficiencies. Winning or overcoming is a strong motivating factor

More over, when playing your teams play games, your team are in a relaxed mode and are therefore less self-conscious and less conscious of past experiences. Normal defenses are also lowered and less resistance is channeled to the intended learning from the activity.

Learning through the challenge of games does not require comprehensive study skills or extensive use of memory - at least not for the team building games. Thus, anyone in an organization can participate, regardless of educational qualifications, and everyone can benefit from the intended learning points during the team building session.

Kaye Thorne and Alex Machray co-authors of World Class Training state that "most memorable learning experiences (experimental learning) usually take place in a special environment."


The correct choice of location and layout are vital to encourage experimental learning. Most of our team building games require out-of-the-norm setting, away from the rigid work stations, structured boardroom tables or classroom/theatre-style arrangements. The different settings would prove to be a refreshing and certainly more interesting change for people. During team building, the informal atmosphere also sets the stage for people to subconsciously reveal traits otherwise concealed during formal settings.

Research by the National Training Laboratory (USA) has also proven that learning by doing experimental learning proves to be the most effective, next to personal coaching.

At corporate Super Teams we excel in designing fun activities  and team building events that utilize key skills necessary to succeed in business such as clear communication, collaboration, trust, risk-taking, leadership, empowerment, encouragement and support. These are exercises that anyone can participate in - without fear of physical harm or looking silly to one's associates. We do ask and encourage people to stretch their mental capabilities and to embrace teamwork. And when they accept the challenge teams have such a great time doing it.

Our clients in Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sydney and Brisbane have asked us to travel to foreign countries to provide our team building events, because our activities are so well designed and our facilitators are that good!

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